Essays About God'S Greatness

Sermon series: The Trinity: God the Father

  1. A Theology that Always Leads to Mission - Ephesians 4
  2. How to Witness to Anyone - John 16
  3. The Lord Is God and Good - Psalm 100
  4. God Is Great - Psalm 145
  5. God Is Good - Genesis, Colossians
  6. The Day the Priests Dropped Dead - Leviticus, Hebrews, 1 Peter

Scriptures: Psalm 145:1-3

Connection to Unit Theme: God is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent, and we must remember that He made in His image to reflect and glorify Him.

Introduction idea

Have you ever met that person who just seems to have it all together? Usually someone is good at something, but there are some people who are gifted and talented at many things. Who is the most talented person you know? Do you know that person who has a strong faith, great personality, athleticism, a strong intellect, musical and artistic, and good looks? There are times we all privately aspire to be like someone else who has qualities we see as better than ours. But we must remember we've been created in the image of the One who displays every quality perfectly!

Do you realize who you are? Do you understand your own potential? Do you comprehend you've been made in God's image? That fact changes everything! It changes why you exist, your personal significance, your purpose in life, and the way you treat others. When we are looking at God's greatness, we must remember that we've been created in His image to reflect and glorify Him.

I. There is no end to God's greatness being blessed (v. 1-2)

When you think about the greatness of God, you can't help but bless Him with your praise. Our God is all-knowing. He knows our faults, our weaknesses, our sins, and our rebellions, yet He loves us. Our God is all-powerful. He could snuff out our lives in an instant, yet He continues to bless us with life. Our God is all-present. He is everywhere at all times, He watches us, and is involved in all that we do. Yet, He shows grace and leads us in our lives away from spiritual and physical danger. When we think about the greatness of God compared to our sin, we cannot help but bless His awesome name!

God not only reveals His greatness to us, He also shares His greatness with us. God has created us in His image to reflect Him for His glory (Gen 1:26-28). This means that God has shared every attribute of Himself with us, but we will never have them fully because we will never be God. God has even shared with us His greatness. He's shared with us His omniscience as we grow in knowledge. He's shared with us his omnipotence as we grow in power. He's shared with us His omnipresence as we enjoy the presence in life. We will never attain to these infinitely, but we do get to enjoy them partially both in this life and the next.

Application: Because God has revealed to us and shared with us the greatness of His attributes, we must bless His great name! A King who both personally relates and shares His greatness with His own people deserves great praise from His people. Our worshipful response will be to praise His name forever including this life and eternal life. See if you can find new ways to bless and praise the name of God for His greatness every day. Another way to make sure God's great name is blessed forever and ever is by training children why and how to bless God's great name. Get involved with them.

II. There is no end to God's greatness being searched (v. 3)

To think about our God who is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent is beyond our comprehension. We live in a world with weaknesses, breakdowns, expiration dates, and limitations. It is very difficult for us to imagine a being with no weakness, no end, no beginning or limits. Yet our God is infinite in all of His qualities. In fact, we could spend a lifetime ascribing greatness to God, adding more greatness to Him every day, and would never reach the end of His greatness. It is absolutely unimaginable (v. 3).

As humans, we naturally ascribe praise to other people and things. We clap when we hear a singer belt out the final note. We roar with the crowd when we watch an athlete make an incredible move. We stand and cheer when a loved one performs remarkably. God designed us to enjoy greatness, but we miss out on true greatness when we don't give all the glory to God for His greatness and all He accomplishes in the world. Again, He has both revealed His greatness and shared it with humanity.

Application: As you study God's Word this week, circle or underline all His great qualities you see. Add them to your prayer journal. Spend more time than usual praising God for His greatness being revealed. Become even more aware of the wisdom, power, and presence He has shared with you to reflect His glory. Use those great qualities of His image in you to bless Him and others. Most of all, reserve your greatest praise, service, and awe for the greatness of your God as He daily reveals Himself more to you.

Conclusion idea

Remember that God has revealed His greatness to us mostly through His Son, Jesus Christ. God revealed His omniscience as Jesus taught and amazed the crowds with His knowledge. God revealed His omnipotence as Jesus performed miracles and mighty works. God revealed His omnipresence as Jesus walked the earth and ascended to heaven, but also promised that He would be with us till the end of the age (Matt 28:20). We see the greatest of the greatness of God in the gospel of Jesus as He wisely and powerfully conquered Satan, sin, and death with His bodily presence. Praise the name of Jesus!

‘Each of Us Is a Masterpiece of God’s Creation!’

The Northern Cross

The Office of Marriage and Family Life for the Diocese of Duluth, funded by the United Catholic Appeal and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Home Mission, is proud to announce the winners of the second annual middle and high school respect life essay competition.

The contest strives to promote the ability of middle school students and high school students to articulate the need to respect life. The theme of this year’s competition was “Each of Us Is a Masterpiece of God’s Creation!” The contest was open to all fifth- through 12th-graders of the diocese.

Below are the winning essays.

Middle School

God made us individual from each other because he called each of us to different missions in our lives. It is how we choose to respond to his call that plays a part in defining who we are. Pope

Francis tells us that “we must ask the Lord for the grace to see ourselves and others as he sees us.”

The sick and the old need love and care. If more people would take time out of their busy lives to visit, spend time and give the love and care to the elderly that they once gave to us, the world would be a better place. The elderly should not be made to feel lonely or forgotten.

The unborn need hope, faith and someone to fight for their lives. We can be that voice. Even though we are young we shouldn’t be afraid to support this cause by speaking out about this injustice. If we all fought for the unborn the world would be a better place. The unborn should never be forgotten.

The poor need support from those who have more. If every person gave to those in need the world would be a

better place. This would be done by volunteering and supporting local shelters and making donations to organizations. The poor should be treated with love and respect.

We are all masterpieces of God’s creation, made in his own image, destined to go to heaven, deserving of respect. We can answer God’s call by helping others, especially those in most need.

Noah Paulson
Sixth Grade
St. James Catholic School, Duluth

High School

God created each of us unique, the way he wanted us to be. We each have a set destiny pathed before us. Our lives are a mystery but are precious and should be cherished. Each of us are masterpieces of God’s creation. Through this, we must honor God by taking care of what he gave us. We should live our lives with God as our most important priority. God has individually handcrafted who we are, so we should embrace the good in us! Our lives are masterpieces of God’s work, meaning you are not average or ordinary; you are a one-of-a-kind original!

Showing kindness and respect for all people, forgiving others, loving everyone, helping those in need and promoting peace are among some of the things we can do to live our lives as a masterpiece of God’s creation. Be sure to appreciate every beautiful thing, help to build something good to humanity that will endure even when you’re gone, and be a good influence, because whether you know it or not you are an influence to somebody. But most of all, love God and one another with a compassion of reason and heart.

Remember you are one of God’s valued treasures, hand-picked by him, for him. He created you exactly how he intended you to be. So stand tall and strong, with the confidence to speak your mind and make good decisions. God has a specific and notable purpose for your life. We must search for this purpose though. It isn’t always obvious. And that’s the beauty in life; you never know what’s around the corner. Life is a beautiful thing given to us by God.

I’m sure we all have heard the quote, “To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.” If you can change someone’s life for the better, there has to be some value in yourself. We were all born with special talents and gifts. Sometimes, we don’t even know we have these talents until an event happens in our life, and our true identities are revealed. We are continually given opportunities to use our talents to help others in our daily interactions. Every single one of these moments is valuable beyond our realization. We might never know how even a small gesture can affect one’s life. We may not affect the entire world, but changing one life at a time is a step in the right direction.

You have more in you that you realize, and you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible. Respect the life you were given and the lives around you. God has created you and everyone physically and spiritually unique. If you use your talents to help others, our world may become a better place for all. Each of us is equally important, and we can learn from each others and combine our talents to do incredible things.

Josephine Terry
Proctor High School, Proctor
St. Rose Church, Proctor

Runners up
Middle School

Elizabeth Emmel
St. James Catholic School, Duluth

Isabelle Stauber
St. James Catholic School, Duluth

High School

Jennifer Babolik
Immaculate Conception Parish,
Pine City High School

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