Fsu History Phd Dissertations

Finding FSU theses and dissertations:


Questions about policies and submission of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) can be directed to The Graduate School’s Manuscript Clearance Advisor, 850-644-0045. 

Questions about access to ETDs can be directed to University Libraries’ repository manager.

About ETDs at FSU

The production, approval, access and long-term preservation of theses and dissertations at Florida State University is a joint effort of The Graduate School, University Libraries and ProQuest/UMI. The Graduate School manages the policies and processing of these manuscripts with students and academic departments; ProQuest includes the manuscript in their Dissertation and Theses Database (PQDT); University Libraries preserves and makes the manuscripts accessible through the library.

FSU requires electronic submission of theses and dissertations (ETDs) using ProQuest’s UMI ETD Administrator system. The graduate manuscripts are also archived in DigiNole, FSU’s institutional repository, a service of University Libraries. All theses and dissertations are also cataloged in the University Libraries catalog.

Browse theses and dissertations produced at FSU from 2003 to present in DigiNole. Thesis and dissertations produced prior to 2003 are recorded in the catalog. Many of them are held in the Special Collections department. 

Resources for finding other dissertations:

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (All records)
With more than 2 million entries, PQD&T is the single, central, authoritative resource for information about doctoral dissertations and master's theses. Dissertations published from 1980 forward include 350-word abstracts written by the author. Master's theses published from 1988 forward include 150-word abstracts.

WorldCat Dissertations and Theses
Provides access to over 5 million records of dissertations and theses available in OCLC member libraries catalogs in the WorldCat database.

Many theses and dissertations done by educators are indexed in this database.

Purchase a copy through ProQuest
Purchase unbound copies of dissertations and theses with express delivery to your home, school or office. Select from the over 1.9 million graduate works available.

Center for Research Libraries foreign dissertations
More than 750,000 dissertations produced for universities outside of the United States and Canada.

Theses Canada Portal
Approximately 300,000 records of theses and dissertations on microform in Library and Archives Canada's collection. Of these approximately 50,000 are also available electronically.

Index to Theses
A comprehensive listing of theses with abstracts accepted for higher degrees by universities in Great Britain and Ireland since 1716.

Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR)
Access to the research literature pre- and post-peer-review through author self-archiving in institutional repositories.

Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD)
Browse or search through several ETD collections, typically across multiple institutions at once.

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Previous Dissertation Research Grant Award Winners


Amelia AndersonInformationCommunication & Information
Ashley CarterNutrition, Food, & Exercise ScienceHuman Sciences
Jesus ChavarriaPsychologyArts & Sciences
Sepideh EbadiMathematicsArts & Sciences
Jacob HicksReligionArts & Sciences
Julia InglisNutrition, Food, & Exercise ScienceHuman Sciences
Burcu IzciSchool of Teacher EducationEducation
Kyle JazwaClassicsArts & Sciences
Gook Jin KimPublic Administration & PolicySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Brian KnopSociologySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Jungup LeeSocial WorkSocial Work
Meredith McMackinArt EducationFine Arts
Aaron NorrPsychologyArts & Sciences
Abigail PhillipsInformationCommunication & Information
Stephanie ProstSocial WorkSocial Work
Haozhou PuSport ManagementEducation
Madhuparna RoyIndustrial EngineeringEngineering
Alison von EbersteinInformationCommunication & Information
Brenda WawireSchool of Teacher EducationEducation
Yiwen WeiArt EducationFine Arts
Lynssey WeissenbergerInformationCommunication & Information
Jennifer WoodinformationCommunication & Information
Guang XingGeographyArts & Sciences
Zexuan XuGeographyArts & Sciences
Zhihui ZhangMolecular BiophysicsArts & Sciences


Carlos AriasChemistryArts & Sciences
Sarah BuckArt HistoryFine Arts
Sarah BurkhartBiomedical SciencesMedicine
Wonchan ChoiInformationCommunication & Information
Mengyao CuiEducational Psychology & Learning SystemsEducation
Emily DiehmCommunication Sciences & DisordersCommunication & Information
Marcus ElamNutrition, Food & Exercise SciencesHuman Sciences
Virginia EllerEarth, Ocean, & Atmospheric SciencesArts & Sciences
Amber FarringtonPsycholgyArts & Sciences
Milad FatehniaCivil EngineeringEngineering
Katherine ForneyPsychologyArts & Sciences
Brandy GatlinSchool of Teacher EducationEducation
John GoodrichPsychologyArts & Sciences
Hakan GungorHistoryArts & Sciences
Whitney GuthriePsychologyArts & Sciences
Heather HolbachEarth, Ocean, & Atmospheric SciencesArts & Sciences
Dongyu JiaBiological SciencesArts & Sciences
Stephanie KennedySocial WorkSocial Work
Amber KinseyNutrition, Food & Exercise SciencesHuman Sciences
Seunghoo LimPublic Administration & PolicySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Jennifer PrideArt HistoryFine Arts
Mariam ShaikhCommunicationCommunication & Information
Caroline SilvaPsychologyArts & Sciences
Julia SkinnerInformationCommunication & Information
Andrea StrathopoulosBiological SciencesArts & Sciences
Scott SwanMusicMusic
Xiaoyan TanChemistryArts & Sciences
Christopher ThompsonEducational Psychology & Learning SystemsEducation
Noah VenablesPsychologyArts & Sciences
Lubin WangEducational Psychology & Learning SystemsEducation
Alexa WarwickBiological SciencesArts & Sciences
Anna WrightMolecular BiophysicsArts & Sciences
Junfei XiaChemical EngineeringEngineering
Sam YangMechanical EngineeringEngineering
Hye Jung YunEducational Psychology & Learning SystemsEducation


Saad AbbasiNeuroscienceArts & Sciences
Darcey AllanPsychologyArts & Sciences
Patricia AtchleySpanishArts & Sciences
Elyssa BarbashPsychologyArts & Sciences
Lisa BarrowBiological SciencesArts & Sciences
Lindsay BodellPsychologyArts & Sciences
Maya CallenderCommunication DisordersCommunication & Information
Daniel CapronPsychologyArts & Sciences
Jieyan ChenBiomedical SciencesMedicine
Jonathan ChristianChemistryArts & Sciences
Amy ClaridgeFamily & Child SciencesHuman Sciences
Winfield CraigHistoryArts & Sciences
Cali CurleyPublic Administration & PolicySocial Sciences and Public Policy
Emily DarrowBiological SciencesArts & Sciences
Sunny DasBiological SciencesArts & Sciences
Bruce Ellen IIIBusiness AdministrationBusiness
Rafaela FeresinNutrition, Food, & Exercise ScienceHuman Sciences
Brian GoldChemistryArts & Sciences
Bruce GrantPublic Administration & PolicySocial Sciences and Public Policy
Michael GrazianoReligionArts & Sciences
Felicia GriffinStatisticsArts & Sciences
Jill GromerSocial WorkSocial Work
Mehnaz GulMass CommunicationCommunication & Information
Charles HarperClassicsArts & Sciences
Danting HuangBiomedical EngineeringEngineering
Sarah JohnsonNutrition, Food, & Exercise ScienceHuman Sciences
Andy KhamouiNutrition, Food, & Exercise ScienceHuman Sciences
Jesse KleinSociologySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Kristina KortePsychologyArts & Sciences
Amy KotsonisMusicMusic
Hyun-Woo LeeSports Management, Recreation & Physical EdEducation
Jiesun LeeSports Management, Recreation & Physical EdEducation
Sarah LeonardChemical EngineeringEngineering
Mary Lescher Art HistoryFine Arts
Liam LongoMolecular BiophysicsArts & Sciences
Jeremy MackeyBusiness AdministrationBusiness
Mark MargresBiological SciencesArts & Sciences
Jessica MartinezBiological SciencesArts & Sciences
Adam McKeeEnglishArts & Sciences
Jane McPhersonSocial WorkSocial Work
Annelise MennickeSocial WorkSocial Work
David MoodyEnglishArts & Sciences
Brett MulveyBiomedical SciencesMedicine
Jiwon NamEducational Psychology & Learning SystemsEducation
Zia ObaidPublic Administration & PolicySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Abigail PastoreBiological SciencesArts & Sciences
Hoa PhanChemistryArts & Sciences
Yingxue RenBiological SciencesArts & Sciences
Jung RyuTeacher EducationEducation
Karen SamuelPublic Administration & PolicySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Ravi SankarGeologyArts & Sciences
Plato SmithInformation StudiesCommunication & Information
Mailin Sotolongo-LopezBiological SciencesArts & Sciences
Caroline StahalaBiological SciencesArts & Sciences
Paul Stewart ChemistryArts & Sciences
Sarah StrothersMusicologyMusic
Jifeng SunChemical EngineeringEngineering
Kareem UsherUrban and Regional PlanningSocial Sciences & Public Policy
Angela WillsEducational Leadership & Public PolicyEducation
Alexei WongNutrition, Food, & Exercise ScienceHuman Sciences


Amer AfaqPublic Administration & PolicySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Myriam BadrMolecular BiophysicsArts & Sciences
Leigh BakerEducational Psychology and Learning SystemsEducation
Charles BlumeClassicsArts & Sciences
Tiffany BrownPsychologyArts & Sciences
Kristin BrownSocial WorkSocial Work
Kyle BundsSports ManagementEducation
Emily ClarkReligionArts & Sciences
Elizabeth ClendinningMusicMusic
Theodora CoffmanEducational Psychology and Learning SystemsEducation
Elise CopeBiomedical SciencesMedicine
Thomas CroomPolitical ScienceSocial Sciences & Public Policy
Joanna GoplenPsychologyArts & Sciences
Melissa Gordon Family and Child SciencesHuman Sciences
Emily GottfriedPsychologyArts & Sciences
Karlyn GriffithArt HistoryFine Arts
Haley GummeltPsychologyArts & Sciences
Kirsten HawkinsPsychologyArts & Sciences
Derek HeadleyCommunication DisordersCommunication & Information
Laura HumePsychologyArts & Sciences
Megan JonesBiological ScienceArts & Sciences
Rachel KaneManagementBusiness
Ming Jo KangGeographySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Timothy KellisonSports ManagementEducation
Young Do KimSports ManagementEducation
Yoon Jeon KimEducational Psychology and Learning SystemsEducation
Kathryn LechlerEnglishArts & Sciences
Agustin Leon MoretaPublic Administration & PolicySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Scott LiebertzPolitical ScienceSocial Sciences & Public Policy
Jinxuan MaLibrary and Information StudiesCommunication & Information
Alicia MahlerEducational Psychology and Learning SystemsEducation
Yelena McLaneArt EducationFine Arts
Fiona McWilliamEnglishArts & Sciences
Chris MojockNutrition, Food, and ExerciseHuman Sciences
Deborah MorrisBiomedical SciencesMedicine
Jonathan OlsonReligionArts & Sciences
Gina O'Neal-MoffitBiomedical SciencesMedicine
Sudhakara Rao PattabhiBiologyArts & Sciences
Jessica RibeiroPsychologyArts & Sciences
Yunyi ShenMathematicsArts & Sciences
Debora SolomonEnglishArts & Sciences
Sheri StronachCommunication Sciences and DisordersCommunication & Information
Crystal TaylorUrban and Regional PlanningSocial Sciences & Public Policy
Christopher TimmArt HistoryFine Arts
Debra TrustyClassicsArts & Sciences
Mariliis VaheCommunicationsCommunication & Information
Giuseppina ValleSociologySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Peter WoodGeographySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Tingting XuTeacher EducationEducation
Sherry YellandEducational Psychology and Learning SystemsEducation
Khawaja Zain-ul-adbinCommunicationsCommunication & Information


Terrie AndrewsEducational Psychology and Learning SystemsEducation
Paul ArdoinEnglishArts & Sciences
Aisha AzharPublic Administration & PolicySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Janine BartleyCommunication Science and DisordersCommunication & Information
Anna CaneyHistoryArts & Sciences
Kaiju ChangPublic Administration & PolicySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Hilary ConleyClassicsArts & Sciences
Lakeisha CooperCommunication Science and DisordersCommunication & Information
Rebekah DornEducational Psychology and Learning SystemsEducation
Candice FrancoEducational Psychology and Learning SystemsEducation
Katherin GeesemanMusicMusic
Tammy HeiseReligionArts & Sciences
Bradley HostetlerArt HistoryFine Arts
Sungku JangPublic Administration & PolicySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Timothy KellisonSports ManagementEducation
Sangsoo KimPublic Administration & PolicySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Peter KunzeEnglishArts & Sciences
HeeJae LeePublic Administration & PolicySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Xinya LiangEducational Measurement and StatisticsEducation
Eileen LockeModern Languages and LinguisticsArts & Sciences
Haiyan MaierNutrition, Food & Exercise SciencesHuman Sciences
Emily MarturanaCommunication Science and DisordersCommunication & Information
Patrick McGradySociologySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Summer McWilliamsSociologySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Shruti NairCommunicationCommunication & Information
Haddy NjieEducational Leadership and Policy StudiesEducation
Scott OrtolanoEnglishArts & Sciences
Jungwon ParkPublic Administration & PolicySocial Sciences & Public Policy
Lindsey PhillipsEnglishArts & Sciences
Helen PhippsBiomedical ScienceMedicine
Andrew PolkReligionArts & Sciences
Jennifer RiggieTeacher EducationEducation
Estrella RodriguezModern Languages and LinguisticsArts & Sciences
Wallace SalkauskiModern Languages and LinguisticsArts & Sciences
Muhammad ShamailehPolitical ScienceSocial Sciences & Public Policy
Emily SimonaviceNutrition, Food & Exercise SciencesHuman Sciences
Christopher SmallEducational Leadership and Policy StudiesEducation
Menga SuNutrition, Food & Exercise SciencesHuman Sciences
Katina ThompsonManagementBusiness
Amiee WilsonEnglishArts & Sciences
Yen-Hsuan YangMusic ManagementMusic
Hongtao YiPublic Administration & PolicySocial Sciences & Public Policy


David AlbrightSocial WorkSocial Work
Amanda AldersArt EducationFine Arts
Priscila Alfaro-BarrantesSports ManagementEducation
Jungah BaePublic Administration & PolicySocial Sciences and Public Policy
Michael BairChemistry & BiochemistryArts & Sciences
Danielle BrimoCommunication Science and DisordersCommunication and Information
Nicole CarrierBiomedical SciencesMedicine
Raymond ChenezVoiceFine Arts
Yu-Chun ChihCommunication Science and DisordersCommunication and Information
Jennifer CoorEarth, Ocean, and Atmospheric ScienceArts & Sciences
Matthew DavisEnglishArts & Sciences
Karla DhunganaCriminology & Criminal JusticeCriminology & Criminal Justice
Stephanie DunkelPsychologyArts & Sciences
Xiao-Qian FangBiomedical SciencesMedicine
Augustine FelixChemistry and BiochemistryArts & Sciences
Debbie FigueroaBiological ScienceArts & Sciences
Orit FisherSociologySocial Sciences and Public Policy
Carl GabriniPublic Administration & PolicySocial Sciences and Public Policy
Jonanthan GrandageHistoryArts & Sciences
Christopher GriffinHistoryArts & Sciences
David P. HedlundSport ManagementEducation
Moonki HongCriminology & Criminal JusticeCriminology & Criminal Justice
Jenise HudsonEnglishArts & Sciences
Bradley HuffGeographySocial Sciences and Public Policy
Sung-on HwangTeacher EducationEducation
Tami ImEducational Psychology and Learning SystemsEducation
Sergio InigiuezPsychologyArts & Sciences
Brandon JacksonSociologySocial Sciences and Public Policy
Jae Yun JunMechanical EngineeringEngineering
Ari KassardjianMolecular BiophysicsArts & Sciences
Lawrence KenileyChemistry and BiochemistryArts & Sciences
Zahraa KhamisChemistry and BiochemistryArts & Sciences
Min-Jun KimCommunication Science and DisordersCommunication and Information
Kelly KingonGeographySocial Sciences and Public Policy
Kevin KokomoorHistoryArts & Sciences
Joung Hwa KooLibrary and Information StudiesCommunication and Information
Stephen LanivichManagementBusiness
Anna-Manja LarcherDanceFine Arts
Sang-rok LeeNutrition, Food & Exercise SciencesHuman Sciences
Se Jin LeePublic Administration & PolicySocial Sciences and Public Policy
Erin LundblomCommunication Science and DisordersCommunication and Information
Thomas MastBiological SciencesArts & Sciences
Geophrey MbattaCivil and Environmental EngineeringEngineering
Daniel MiltonPolitical ScienceSocial Sciences and Public Policy
Chungshik MoonPolitical ScienceSocial Sciences and Public Policy
Kellie M. O'DareSocial WorkSocial Work
Crystal Peebles Music TheoryMusic
Melissa PfluengerNeuroscienceArts & Sciences
Sherry PiezonCommunication and InformationCommunication and Information
Barton PriceReligionArts & Sciences
Rosario Michelle Ramirez-MatabuenaModern Languages and LinguisticsArts & Sciences
Sarah RimanBiomedical ScienceMedicine
Nayong RyooPublic Administration and PolicySocial Sciences and Public Policy
Carole SaadeBiological Sciences/Program in NeuroscienceArts & Sciences
Norbert SalagalaMolecular BiophysicsArts & Sciences
Samiparna SamantaHistoryArts & Sciences
Miriam SessionsSociologySocial Sciences and Public Policy
Frank Sims, Jr.GeographySocial Sciences and Public Policy
Diantha SteinhilperArt HistoryFine Arts
John SulikGeographySocial Sciences and Public Policy
Omar ThomasCivil EngineeringEngineering
Corey ThompsonChemistry and BiochemistryArts & Sciences
Megan WamplerPsychologyArts & Sciences
Hongbo WangMechanical EngineeringEngineering
Ursula WeissSociologySocial Sciences and Public Policy
Melinda WhetstoneLibrary & Information StudiesCommunication and Information
Brittany WilkinsSocial WorkSocial Work
Wang-Yong YangChemistry and BiochemistryArts & Sciences

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