Unix System Admin Cover Letter

System Administrator Cover Letter

The road to a good job is laid with a good system administrator cover letter which you need irrespective of whether you are experienced or a beginner level worker. You need to write it in a clear and professional format because a cover letter written in a random and unkempt format will never be entertained by any employer.

In your system administrator cover letter, always maintain a flow of information in chronological format. You have to begin with your personal details and contact information followed by the addressees. The first paragraph must explain as to how you came to know about this job and how you can contribute to this particular position and the organization you are applying to. The second paragraph of your cover letter must explain your past performances and the technical expertise you hold in this domain. You can also mention non-technical skills that equally contribute to your productivity. The third paragraph marks the conclusion of your cover letter and it should be compelling enough for the employer to get back to you for further discussion. Once everything is written, proofread and make corrections if any mistake is found in the cover letter.

Job of a Systems Administrator

A system administrator is in charge of handling different systems and networks for a client. System administrator has to ensure smooth functioning of systems. He is also responsible to provide assistance to the users in case they face a problem in using systems or applications. A system administrator also provides updating and maintenance service to the clients. Being in a technical profession, a system's administrator must possess in-depth knowledge of different operating systems, applications, hardware and the like.

We can provide you a sample of systems administrator cover letter which will help you to draft a personal cover letter efficiently.

Sample System Administrator Cover Letter

Shawn McGrath
14, Jacob Apartments, Green Hill Drive,
San Jose, California 15230,
United States

Date: October 27th, 2011

Diana Edmond
Recruitment Manager
IT-Experts INC,
34, Locust Business Avenue, Freedom Square,
San Jose, California 15232,

Subject: Application for the position of System Administrator posted on Get-IT Jobs Portal

Dear Diana,

I came to know about the requirement of System Administrator for your organization while I was searching for jobs on Get-IT Jobs Portal. I find this to be a very interesting opportunity and I have been looking for a similar job and organization for the past many days. With a cumulative experience of 12 years as System Administrator, I would like to present a summary of my experience for your consideration.

I am currently working at Techno Breeds. I am responsible for the configuration, installation, and maintenance and troubleshooting of systems and network. I handle a team of 4 junior system administrators and I possess excellent knowledge of UNIX, Linux, Macintosh and Windows operating systems. I am also well versed with the latest hardware and networking systems along with a broad knowledge of system and applications compatibility.

As an individual, I am highly organized and committed to achieve organizational goals. I know it is impossible to work without proper coordination in a large organization and I always try to develop a cordial relationship with my fellow workers so that a positive work environment can be maintained.

Please go through my resume and credentials to know more about my qualifications. I hope to receive a positive reply from your end. You can reach me at my telephone number and e-mail id for further communication.

Sincerely yours,
Shawn McGrath

Please note that a single A4 size paper will be enough to carry all the information you choose to provide in your system administrator cover letter. A cover letter that goes beyond this length is not acceptable and will never draw employers' attention.

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123 Elm Street • Miami, FL 33183 • Home: (305) 555-5555 • [email protected]


  • Highly skilled in maintaining applications, installing backup systems, and resolving end-user issues.
  • Successful background in performing equipment installation, upgrades, patches, and configuration.
  • Experienced in installing and administrating RedHat and other Linux Operating Systems.


ABC Computer Systems, Miami, FL
UNIX Systems Administrator, 20xx - Present: Serve as Project Manager and UNIX Administrator on DVACS, Verizon's GUI-based trouble spot database for all New York State Lottery terminals. Handle tickets for covering installation, disconnection, maintenance, and troubleshooting, including Oracle database maintenance, tuning, backup, and PL/SQL programming. Oversee maintenance, performance tuning, and failover of SQL servers. Perform maintenance and troubleshooting of a Cisco based network on Verizon's enterprise networking system. Monitor and configure Orion, a network monitoring tool. Troubleshoot outages and configure networking protocols. Supervise team of programmers to ensure efficient day-to-day operations.

  • Designed and implemented EMAPS, Verizon's lottery provisioning system for the New York State Lottery.
  • Collaborated with other teams to ensure applications worked smoothly with EMAPS, running on Solaris with an Oracle database and XML parsers written in ProC/ C++.
  • Successfully completed projects on schedule and within budget; interfaced with VSPOC, WFA, and other Verizon applications, which have two-way data transfers with EMAPS.

BCD Incorporated, Miami, FL
UNIX Systems Administrator, 20xx - 20xx: Collaborated with all departments to identify capacity planning as well as define system requirements. Trained 15 help desk staff and supervisor on the use of a help desk reporting software product.

  • Implemented new contact management application, from administering it to training help desk staff.
  • Maintained Sun Microsystems servers, achieving 99.99% uptime guarantee.

CDE Incorporated, Miami, FL
UNIX Systems Administrator, 20xx - 20xx: Assisted with implementing the design of a startup ISP for the healthcare community. Partnered with general contractors on HVAC, raised floor architecture, and fiber/ cabling diagrams for the data center. Analyzed and resolved system and network problems utilizing various diagnostics and protocols including, NFS, TCP/IP and DNS. Maintained Sun Microsystems workstations including Sparc 450 and 250 servers.

  • Constructed a data center in just 30 days.

EFG Insurance, Miami, FL
UNIX Systems Administrator, 20xx - 20xx: Maintained Sun Microsystems Ultra Series and Sparc Series platforms. Developed shell scripts and programming tools to automate administrative tasks such as backups. Evaluated and solved system and network problems using various diagnostics and protocols including, NFS, TCP/IP, and DNS.


  • Applications: PeopleSoft 8.x (Financials and HRMS), Oracle Financials, Cognos, Hyperion, Open Source Content Management Systems
  • Tools: MBSA (MS Baseline Security Analyzer), SekChek, DumpSec
  • Platforms: Windows 2000/2003, Vista, Linux, UNIX, AS/400, OS/390, z/OS, MVS
  • Databases: Oracle 9.x/10.x/11.x, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, MS Access

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