Love At First Sight Descriptive Essay Samples

Interesting Ideas For An Opinion Essay About Love At First Sight

Does the idea of falling in love the first time you see a person seem realistic and possible to you. Do you agree or do you disagree/ this subject can make for a great opinion paper. Use our hints and suggestions on the topic.

Several Innovative and Interesting Ideas on a Love at First Sight Opinion Essay

  • Take a side, pro or con to the general question
  • Explore if the phenomena is lasting
  • What are the symptoms of this strange occurrence beyond falling head over heels, prove your answer
  • Can it happen at any age, or does one age range (such as teenagers) have a higher occurrence than others
  • Is it just a fleeting emotion than is more akin to lust than it is to actual love, why or why not
  • What has the greatest example of this occurrence in novels, the movies, or in real life
  • What does science, if any role, have to do with this event
  • How do you know if this attraction will last, what signs are there for exploration

Once you select your topic for your piece, there will be some very important things for you to remember. You have to make sure that:

  • The paper is still written in an academic tone even though the subject seems lighter, use third person point of view, and follow all academic writing rules
  • The paper will still need sources, you could interview people who have experienced this, scientists, experts on love marriage counselors, and such people
  • Because you will have sources, you will still have intext citations and you will be required to have a reference page, you will want to find out what style the teacher wants you to use (such as MLA or APA) and if the teacher wants a Works Cited or Bibliography reference page
  • When you look for written references online or at the media center, make sure to use the academic databases, not the advice from a 13 year who wrote a blog about falling head over heels for someone
  • Always turn to help if you find you do not know what you are doing in this composition, you can go see your teacher, get peer help, go to the writing lab, hire a tutor, use a model, use a template, or turn to a professional writing group for your assistance


Write a scene where two characters of different backgrounds (think Romeo and Juliet) fall in love at first sight.

Write for fifteen minutes. When you’re finished, share your practice in the comments section. And if you share, be sure to leave feedback for a few other writers.

Here’s my practice:

She was just there, close to him, tracing the skins of mangos with the softest finger in the world. He stopped talking, stopped moving, stopped breathing. She looked up and saw him looking and he felt his knees give out and nearly fell, held himself up against a bin full of tomatoes, until the shopkeeper beat him away with a fan. She smiled—that smile! let her smile again—and walked between the booths stopping at the stalls for avocados, papaya, rice, cassava, and tea, sneaking up glances at him, while he followed her, dodging shopkeepers and peering out from behind bins and bags of goods that hung from the roof of the market so her ayah wouldn’t see him. Her eyes are bluer than ice. When she looks at me my skin freezes. He did not, could not look away. Her ayah caught him staring and shooed her along, whispering things into her ear which only made her smile, dragging her by the arm. She looked and looked and did not see him, her brow furrowing. Let me be the iron that smooths her brow. I’ll make a life’s work of it. He followed them, moving through the bodies, ducking stands, climbing over boxes but never looking away lest he lose her forever. She looked back and saw him. Is she true? Is she there? Or is it a dream of Satan to torment me with hope? Either way let him torment. I will dream. I will dream. And he followed them from the market.

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