Mary Eberstadt Eminem Is Right Analysis Essay

...could contract AIDS. Her use of striking imagery really hits a chord with listeners. The bleak image truly conjures sympathy, and the contrast between her own happiness, and loving and supportive family with the less fortunate, ostracized and dehumanized victims of AIDS appeals strongly to pathos, changing the audience’s mood so that they want to make a change. She once again uses antithesis to stress the urgency of AIDS, and elaborates on some details and proliferation of the disease. Its personified rise to dominance could not have happened without human ignorance, lack of AIDS education, prejudice and silence. This powerful phrase makes an impact in the minds of the audience members, because they know that deep down, she is completely right. The threat of AIDS is indeed partially their own fault. By listing these human vices, she appeals convincingly to a common guilty conscience, making listeners even more eager to listen to what solutions she offers. The following paragraphs become even more powerful, emotional and convincing. She personifies AIDS as a common enemy, and uses the metaphor of stereotypes as refuge, yet immediately denounces the protection they can offer because AIDS does not care for stereotypes. Her use of hypophora, and religious allusion reject the dehumanization of AIDS victims, stating point-blank that they are human, and should be treated with the love and compassion they deserve, not hate and inferiority. She makes a very...

Leather     1Critical Analysis EssayDavid LeatherIn the essay “Eminem is Right” by Mary Eberstadt, the author discusses the topic of why today’s artists discuss such grotesque topics in their songs, and why the youth are connecting with it. The explicit thesis of the essay is that teen-agers relate to the today’s absurd music because they have been subject to abandonment from their parents. The purpose of the essay is to inform the reader, and especially the “all-knowing parents that miss the point” (Eberstadt 254), about why today’s adolescent connect with artists like Eminem, and Eddie Vedder, when the material they sing about is morally by today’s standards, out of line. Eberstadt points out that most parents are failing to realize, that unlike previous generations, the nuclear family is not common. This, in turn, is effecting the youth in a negative fashion.In the first area of analysis, the author discusses who Eminem is, and what makes him an attractive political target. First, Eberstadt uses description to describe Eminem throughout the entire section. She does this to give the reader an idea of who Eminem, his accomplishments, and his characteristics. Also, the author uses statistics when she states that “[Eminem] was easily the most successful artist of the year, selling more than 7.6 million copies [of his album]” (Eberstadt 252). The number, 7.6 million, acts as an exclamation to the declaration that Eminem has sold many records. Next, Eberstadt uses opinion when she pronounces that “Of all the names guaranteed to send a shudder down the parental spine, [Eminem’s] is probably the most effective” (252). The author uses opinion to keep the readers attention and make her essay more interesting. To support the previous statement, the author uses big-name organizations and politicians as examples of people who agree with her. This gives the statement support. By using the big-name

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