Epik High Fly Sketchbook Assignments

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Translated by wannabe@icaruswalks.com(from below) {raw source: epik_1ghk_bot@twittter

  • Epik High’s member Mithra Jin had dissed Doraemon on the radio
  • Before when Tablo was in ‘happiness with ten bucks’ Epik High was famously popular because of Fly and he asked number one candidate TVXQ what they have to say if they actually be voted as number one FYI TVXQ and Tablo are very close friends
  • Mister Blo and Mister JongWan of Nell met together, since JongWan of Nell told Tablo that he drank alcohol too often and he needed to spare his health condition so they decided to sit together and drank juice
  • KkomKura (radio)or somewhere he applied a song ‘Girl Rock’ and Tablo played then he became delighted and asked the PD “do you like Girl Rock? Ah you do like Girl Rock. Girl Rock is a good song. Girl Rock is really good.” Then he kept praising Girl Rock
  • When Tablo was young no one taught him to chew the food well and he just swallowed it without chewing. As a result his teeth’s shapes are all square… He even confirmed it
  • Mithra Jin likes to play alone, especially playing video games, eating snacks, eating sweet potatoes by himself too fast and undigested his stomach ‪#‎Tablo_said‬
  • K-pop star 2 AkDong Musician told mister Tablo “your head is really small” and Tablo replied: my head grew???
  • One of the hobby that Tablo has is collecting manga and as the time passed by, there were mangas that were worth at least a thousand dollars. Tablo who looked for the mangas that he had when he was young but they were gone and Tablo asked his dad. However he told Tablo that he had thrown all the mangas away and as he begged for apology his dad cried.
  • One person who said his name sounds like a disease (his name is PiKwang Yum which sounds like some kind of cancer related to blood) so he asked Epik High to name his spouse. Tablo, Mithra, and Tukutz replied ‘Pyramid’ ‘PC Room’ ‘Blood sea(Pi BaDa)’ etc.
  • President Yang (YG)  has one saying that he gives to Epik High and that is “Do whatever you want to do.”
  • When Tablo was in Happiness with ten dollars Mithra Jin prepared him lunch box (this case has continued for Mithra with lunch box which includes garlic and crown daisy…)Words in the photo: 1. Top section is rice 2. Bottom section is also rice?

  • When Tablo was young he said to his father “the food tastes bad!” And Tablo’s father replied “Really? Then I will make a delicious food for you” and as he spoke he mixed rice with sprite and made his son to eat it…. That was ranked 2nd from his worst food list.
  • In ‘Challenge song thousand’ Tukutz suddenly laughed when Tablo pressed number ’69’. What happened?~ What was he thinking?~ if you understand it then you are corrupted!!! You dirty devil! Words in the photo: His eyes are filled with dirty devil! **italicised  are comments added by OP
  • Blo said “There are number one to four and number one is vacuum cleaner… Ah I’m not supposed to tell this?” And Kang In’s most needed item is vacuum cleaner was revealed and Tablo asked Kang In to choose the number and he chose number one but Blo’s writers lied to Kang In that they have changed the prizes of the number and that prize number one is flat iron
  • Epik High’s charge of AeGyo (charms) is Tablo…  (video was deleted of youtube but it was from Happy Together episode 123)
  • One woman said she wants to have first kiss from her boy friend and Tablo and Tukutz lectured about kissing. Tablo said “Open your mouth a little. Then it will be all.. (Smile).. Automatic” Tukutz also replied “True.”‪
  • Mithra Jin’s parents wanted Mithra to have a job that goes with a word ‘Sa(probably since president in Korean= SaJang Nim)’ and Mithra Jin made their dream come true [Hip-hop warrior (Hip-hop Jun’Sa’)]
  • At ‘having a date at two o’clock with Kyung Lim Park’ there was a talk about Psy and Young Hoon Joo said “Epik High has to debut in USA soon too right?” And Mithra replied “just sightseeing…”, Tukutz replied “I’ll just follow Psy hyung and clean his car for him.”
  • Tablo has very serious insomnia as a result he can only sleep for two to three hours, and these days because Haru keeps waking him he barely sleeps
  • <From Map the Soul homepage – Mithra’s ask anything> Q. Can Epik High fly into the sky A. No, chickens cannot fly even ostrich cannot fly.
  • Someone interviewed Epik High and he asked pick one good thing about you guys getting into YG Entertainment and Mithra replied with a smile “First of all the facilities are well built the most greatest building of YG Entertainment is the facilities are at top quality and there is dining room also people cook for you.”
  • Tablo put tuna on top of curry then put them in the microwave and as he turned it on tuna blew up and turned the world up side down. He even posted what happened on Cyworld.

    “if you put Tuna in the micro-oven… does it usually explode? Just now, for 3 mins I mixed tuna with curry and heated it in the micro-oven.. but it blew up”

  • Mithra and Tablo went to watch movie together and were assigned to couple seat. Genre of the movie was horror movie but normally Tablo doesn’t watch horror movie and he kept holding and embracing Mithra… Oh dear (*/_ *)
  • Tablo: Truthfully when I were young I read a lot of books and saw about devils. One moment I thought about becoming intimately acquainted with the devil and here it is. I bought here JongWan Kim of Nell. Coming from hell was pretty harsh trip. / JongWan: ah yeah it took awhile for me to come here~
  • From Epik High’s “My Ghetto” lyrics <even if you leave it to the referee judge benefits the most> because that lyrics were criticizing judges this song was not allowed to be broadcasted
  • Tablo said he wants to have conversation with Liam Neeson. They both are daughter’s daddy!
  • Mithra: “I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t of done this… Seriously because of that picture a lot of people don’t know who real miss LA’s face looks like.” Tablo: “I’m really sorry…”
  • Tablo got deceived by Seven Bot and also president HyunSuk Yang’s false personation account. @blobybloWords in the picture: yeah I trust people and fall for them easily. “@KiwiC_bot: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Mister Blo fell for it again… Oppa… He doesn’t use twitter… Again… Even you fell for Seven Bot and now this… @blobyblo”
  • Before when Tablo managed his mini homepage, someone criticized ‘selection of music’ (Epik High’s 4th album) and Tablo replied / SunWoong Lee : ah!!! Then just don’t listen you fucked up person!
  • When Tablo fell hard into depression and slump he thought he could not continue being Epik High and was afraid to tell his team members but Tukutz first spoke “We have to continue to be Epik High”
  • When Tukutz was in 17th line doing trainee work in the military he sang military song as a rap instead of actual song, because he sang that way he got first place in singing contest.
  • When Tablo was in KkomKkuRa one man who was listening to the radio proposed to Tablo that he loves him and Tablo answered with seriousness that it is wrong and he admonished him
  • <From Map The Soul homepage – Mithra’s ask anything> Q. You are not getting any casting role in historical drama? A. Unfortunately yes. How pitiful. I’m good at acting.
  • Tablo’s father listened to Tablo’s solo album and felt a lot of sadness and pain in his album and said to Tablo “I want to see you up on the stage again” and Tablo replied “I’ll show you an exciting stage soon” with a promise. That was why their 7th album was most happiest album
  • It’s a clip from mapthesoul, Tablo got a StarWars pop-up booklet from a fan and while Tablo was filled with happiness Tukutz openly said ‘thanks for the present but this present is useless’… Shocking….
  • Youngest in Epik High is Mithra Jin.
  • From the broadcast they were talking about the song ‘Tomorrow’ and when they changed the subject talking about BigBang question was “Mister Tablo what did you do when BigBang got a MTV award?” And he replied “I raised the baby while watching TV”
  • When Tablo was young he did not know how to eat meat as a result he just swallowed them. That is why he doesn’t have cuspidate tooth…
  • SungKyu asked if he could use Tablo’s car and Tablo replied I only have go-cart.Words in the picture: Tablo (31) / go-cart owner: car that I owned is only a go-cart
  • It’s cold was a pre-released song for the album (99)and 10cm (also released )a whole album (at the same time). As It’s cold ranked up to 1st place 10cm got annoyed LOL LOL LOL/ Article photo title [10cm showed their feeling when their songs were pushed down because of Epik High’s new song]
  • There was a band named Girl and their drum set equipment had their  signature Girl on it, while Tukutz and his mother were watching it through the television Tukutz mother said “what are they thinking what kind of band name their band (is) mad-brained (she read girl as gee ral instead you can search 지랄 for definition)
  • When Epik High was active with the song FLY they were casted on MinJung Seo’s radio and Epik High were responsible for the content of the MV from the PD ‘blow’ ‘abduction’ etc and they were refrained from extreme word usage and Tukutz also said ‘We all bring out the guns’ and ‘we throw grenades police cars blow up’
  • <From Map the Soul homepage – Mithra’s ask anything> Q. You guys made your album to be cheap for the fans in MapTheSoul website and this album costs 19500 won (Approximately $19.30) and I’m wondering what about other albums that you are going to release??????? A. If you are trying to find out how that works you are going to get in trouble.
  • On novel signing day there was a fan named ‘DaEun’ and Tablo wrote [Illegal DaEun]. (Illegal download )
  • When 6th album was released people asked “why isn’t this album call ‘Pieces Part Two’ instead it’s called ‘[e]’?” And Tablo replied “I forgot”
  • Interview before Epik High & Nell concert reporter said “Who first started the proposition?” Tablo: “while I was drinking alcohol with Tukutz.” Tukutz: “since we are really close friends” Tablo: “hey you are not even close to consider as friends.” Tukutz:”..we two teams are very close friends.”
  • <From Map The Soul homepage – Mithra’s ask anything> Q. Mister Mithra go shave your chin A. I don’t take orders.
  • From one interview they asked Tablo what made you start making music and he answered what is the reason that you are breathing…
  • [Remapping The Human Soul]’s ‘Fan’ similarly, Fan’s lyrics is experience of Tablo’s extreme obsession towards JaeHa Yoo’s – Tablo’s past
  • When fans saw Tukutz driving his car they blocked the way and Tukutz said to the fans bitch move out the way!. As always when he drives, he drives with a sanguine temperament.
  • Before Haru was born Haha and Gil made a ‘Tablo’s daughter name making center’ to make name for his daughter and they decided without consent to name her ‘TaTaTa’words in the photo: Tazza (a dishonest gambler) Tabasco (Tobasco) Tylenol Tajimahar (Tāj Maha) Tatata
  • When Nellpik High’s performance was finished there were Q&A from the reporter “(applause) good job today” Tablo “How old are you? This isn’t Kiss Kiss Kiss” Tukutz “lets do this then let them go.” Tablo “No way if our talk video were to become strangely edited then we will look like we are the bitches.”
  • At passion rock seo(concert) Epik High promised to bring Lee Hi when they are singing It’s cold, then Tablo went out of the stage then he came right out and said that Hi has left the stage which made them shut off the song and pretend they were going to rap then suddenly as Lee Hi came on to the stage all of Epik High was shocked LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL then rapped the song It’s cold till’ the end
  • For Tablo music is? “It’s dewdrop, when I get more sick songs comes out more naturally” -12.11.16 from HeeYeol Yoo’s sketch book
  • After their 7th album came to complete the three of them went to play at Busan and they drank and ate till they threw up
  • From S something broadcast Epik High’s Nocturne was allowed to go on air but Girl Rock was labeled as 19 and over which ended up name as SimBongSa. (blinded man’s name in the story book)
  • DJ Tukutz’s mother extremely hates GuRa Kim. Words in the photo:
    “My mother extremely hates you hyung!”
  • Tukutz: “I want to ask… That thing on the top. That thing has skin color tone with the hair..”
    Tablo: “…what is this…”
    Tukutz: “what is that I’m scared~”
    Mithra: “I’m scared too”
  • From KkomKkuRa goodnight Pops Tablo said “He(Mithra) has a lot of hair grown on his face… Even the furs grow on his body.”
  • Epik High on 2012MAMA stage they disguised as villains which caused all of highskools and fandoms to become shocked. mithra-Bane/Tablo-Joker/Tukutz-Twoface
  • On Mithra’s birthday he got a dog chew as a present from one highskool.
  • Epik High went to do Yepp MV filming so they sprayed lacquer and written EPIK HIGH but later realized that it was illegal to do it which eventually they had to pay the fine.
  • Tukutz got his face censored more than twice from the journalist.http://twitter.com/epik_1ghk_bot/status/321593451646963712/photo/1
  • Publisher (woollim)  of the album wanted to release Epik High’s best album without consent but Epik High found out about it which making of the album was discontinued.Words in the photo:
    DJ Tukutz: a lot of people are asking this question so I’m going to speak! Epik High’s best album was going to come out but we just found out today through twitter and we didn’t even plan to make an album! The album was not created from us! I hope that answered your question^^
  • Tablo once said in an interview that in this 99 album GaeKo participated featuring in the album but because of Bom Park and Lee Hi no one talks about him which caused the dissing of GaeKo
  • HyeJung Kang said “Our couple get into fight without thinking of reconciliation” “We two like to play games. When we do play we don’t bet money but we measure the price of the lyrics’ that he (Tablo) had written. We once had fought while playing bingo game.”
  • When Tukutz was private in the military he mostly hated doing snow-removing work.
  • Blo “I will also show you guys some beatbox. Beat! Box! Beat! Box! Bealobeat beat! Box!”
  • Tukutz and Friza from Dragonball looks alike
  • From KkomKkuRa goodnight Pops Tablo said “He(Mithra) has a lot of hair grown on his face… Even the furs grow on his body.”
  • Tablo had played GTA with his friends for four days straight and afterwards they decided to go out to refresh their minds ,while they were driving a fire truck had passed by and Tablo almost decided to get out of the car to climb up on the fire truck {alternative version  :Tablo once played Grand Theft Auto (GTA) with his friends consecutively over 4 days and nights. As they were driving out to get food to freshen up, they passed by a fire engine. As though still in the game, Tablo walked out of the car he was in, and hanged by the fire engine.}
  • Tablo is a fan of TaeJi Seo
  • Epik High answered ‘If you had chance for a second life?’ Tukutz answered Pilot, Tablo answered cloud, and Mithra answered he would like to become a deer that eats bears
  • Mithra was filming happiness with ten dollars while he was filming he got extremely hungry and Mithra suddenly saw Tablo’s eaten corn left on the table so he decide to drink the juice that was left on the eaten corn however after drinking the staffs gave Mithra a warning
  • Words in the picture:
    Tablo of Epik High cannot live without [alcohol]
  • At 2012 MAMA rehearsal Mithra was practicing his dance moves and while he was dancing he could not control his strength which resulted into punching Tablo.
  • Before at Mnet wide entertainment news mister Blo said ‘Aren’t dolphins flesh-meat?’
    ….misterBlo.. They are Mammalian…..
  • Tukutz once wore a Steve Job’s cosplay when SK telecom finally got to sell iPhone 5. Kim jobs… 
  • Long time ago Mithra was in 3rd level Chinese character exam there was a person who tried to communicate with him because he noticed who Mithra was ,but he(Mithra) thought that the person who tried to communicate with him was planning to cheat on the exam
  • After Tablo finished recording songs he finally went back home in three to four months later but when he went back home the trash that he had left at his house three to four months ago was still there ..
  • Tablo tried to drinking only the soup from KimChi strew because he didn’t want to gain weight. However he realized after drinking ,that drinking just the soup makes him fatter than drinking the whole thing
  • Mithra has younger brother who is five years younger than him and when his brother graduated he came back home, his face and body was covered with flour as a result Mithra called up his brother’s friends and he blamed on them for doing ridiculous acts. (So cool!) Also when his brother came back beaten he always look for the person who beat him then revenged the person who beat his brother.
  • When Mithra was doing happiness with ten dollars Tablo prepared a lunch box with garlic and mugworts
  • Tablo when he was proposing to HyeJung, he cried extremely because he was filled with happiness

  • While ago when Tablo was in Star Golden bell he told the audience that when Mithra goes and sit in the bathhouse people say looks like a bear is sitting on the bathhouse
  • Epik High went out to the street with carrying a poster for the second time, which states from Dokdo Research Conservation Association offers 14 evidences that Dokdo is the land which is owned by South Korea written on the cookies with stickers attached to Dokdo Research Conservation Association.
  • Q. Is this really you (Tablo)? /A. Yes I am (Tablo) 
  • Before Tablo wrote a song for his girl friend but she dumped him just because the lyrics of the song was too straightforward.
  • Epik High members are married men. Excluding just Mithra.
  • Tablo at happiness with ten thousand won he used 9997 won. Looks like he really enjoyed his week.
  • VIP incident: before one member in group CBmass ‘Cubin’ stole Epik High’s & TBNY’s public funds and ran away that was why TBNY and Epik High’s album was released late.
  • Tablo once came out in Pak knee guru show and announced a letter to his first child “Please don’t do anything relating to hip-hop.”
  • Come wander through gap of the fingers eternity scattered brutally going through the end of boring years we two will become echoes. -Tablo & HyeJung Kang’s wedding invitation letter
  • When mister Tablo released Yurkkot album TaJinYo reactions roughly were ‘We admit that this music is good’ ‘I’m going to quit being (TaJinYo)’ ‘I just want to trust Tablo from now on’ and some people even posted apologetic words online to Tablo… Right at TaJinYo website.
  • Mister Tukutz, Dynamic Duo’s mister GaeKo and other people were drinking alcohol at school’s sports field then suddenly Tukutz said there is a ghost and he said one girl is standing at fourth floor..
  • When Tablo appeared at Park knee guru show, HoDong Kang said “your IQ is 170?” As he acknowledge the question and Tablo noded HoDong responded to avoid changing the topic “Your IQ is bigger than your height…” This statement made Tablo to knockdown
  • A while ago there was a program which consists of having a chance to date with Epik High and throw down a woman in the end of the show and one day one Japanese woman was eliminated out of the program and as that woman left the stage Tukutz said “Sayonara” and that woman started to cry out a lot (Sayonara actually means to say someone goodbye and that person who said goodbye don’t want to see that person ever again LOL LOL)
  • As the weather’s changing speed is going fast, heart’s speed is beating faster
    I hope that going and coming would be at moderate pace
    However the weather and humans’ heart do not seem to go at steady pace

    This is radio that dreams and I’m Tablo.

  • 2009 Q/A

    • Q:When you guys perform live at stage please perform true and real HipHop
    • Tablo:Ha ha what exactly is true and real HipHop? Whatever that means we will just do whatever we do to please our audiences
  • All the members of Epik High’s very first meeting started at Vietnam Pho house haha they became close until now as they ate pho together…
  • <In a Q&A segment during an interview with Ceci 2009 April edition>Tukutz:           Tablo, why did you not get yourself a driving licence?

    Blo:                 I am not interested in cars. Mithra, what are you?

    Mithra:            Bear. Tukutz, why do you have so many female fans?

    Tukutz:           Go away.

  • Tablo: How are you? I asked because I just saw you in my dream…...
    JongWan Kim: Get the fuck out
  • Tablo invited Epik High in 5 years as a guest and persistently demanded them to pick some music, but Tablo did not play any songs that other members of Epik High selected, Tablo only played the songs that he want to play the songs that he chose.
  • Epik High’s 4th album song love love love MV was made after that song got famous. Tablo had thought and told people that this song is filled with gloomy mood, and he never thought this song was going to become popular.
  • Tablo + Pe2ny (Eternal morning)’s new title song “White” Music video scene main character was hanging on to a crane then fell down reminded critics of ‘execution’ and also they could not understand what they were trying to tell the audience from the music video this music video was rated no children under 17 to be viewed. https://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DeCdNoyuzh9Q&h=VAQHPqW6W
  • One person went to buy some beverage just for Tukutz but Mithra was also there and that person was extremely puzzled as a result that person gave the beverage to Mithra instead of Tukutz and “I’m fine~ I don’t need it I don’t like sprite anyways~” Then Tukutz started to drink sprite that the person had given it to him Mithra said “Drink that sprite and have an attack of indigestion” So the person went and bought a chocolate and started to give it to Mithra and he responded “You are giving me this so I become fat right?”
  • Epik High planned to disband the team after releasing <Lovescream> album so <1 minute 1 second> was originally a goodbye song for their fans. (trans: imfallinfallin  @ icaruswalks)
  • Epik High had to shut down their independent label, Map the Soul, because the CEO they hired embezzled all of the money.(trans: imfallinfallin  @ icaruswalks)
  • Tukutz used to be a Bboy before he got into DJing(trans: imfallinfallin  @ icaruswalks)
  • During EPIK HIGH’s Christmas concert a fan who was at standing area was watching a clip but Tablo happen to block the view and she said “Oppa, move out of the way!” And Tablo replied
    “Okay…I’ll move out….”
  • Tablo once did an audition at JYP.
    He thought that the examiner would ask him to rap but he asked Tablo to sing…So Tablo sang Kim JongSeo’s You Did Not Answer

  • Tukutz: “Oh, your movement in the photo is smudged with soul”

    Tablo: “Yes. I really look like a jerk. Filled with sadness. Wait, doesn’t this photo look like my left arm is coming out from my chest?
    Everyone, I can shake hands through my chest.”

  • Wordkill: this song was written while he was working on 5th album Pieces, Part One. At that time Tablo happened to see a malicious comment about him somewhere and decided to compose this song.
  • [from here is translated by gyzr_@icaruswalks.com]
    When EPIK HIGH debuted in the Hip Hop Industry, they are given the name as ‘Flower Boys’. On his radio show, Tablo mentioned that at that time during the Hip Hop Industry, there are very few flower boys like them
  • Tukutz announced on Daum cafe, saying that “Epik High will walk till the end” , Tablo then left a comment “But where’s the end?” Tukutz replied, “No such thing.”
  • When EPIK HIGH is performing on Music Shows, when they leave the stage they will always wander around outside the waiting rooms(of other groups).

    This is where EPIK HIGH and Younha became close.

  • After Tablo is talking on the line with a beautician, the beautician sends over a hair dryer to Tablo as a gift to him.
  • Tukutz once exposed Tablo’s height. Tablo said that its very shameful don’t measure it. But Tukutz still went to the gym to measure his height and its accurate! 169
  • Filming is going to start soon, but Mithra hasn’t arrived yet. Tablo said “Sorry Mithra its abit late.” Just then, someone from the audience shouted ‘IS HYUNG WIPING HIS SWEAT AGAIN?!?!?!!!” , leading bursts of laughter from everyone.
  • EPIK HIGH members are all married men, except Mithra. ((note:: obviously this is outdated lol)))
  • Tablo: At any case, there will always be requests for signatures and photos from anyone. If we do not give them, we will be counted as being rude. On the contrary I want to ask , is it whether what kind of person I am , as long as I promised photo + signatures , I will become a good person?
  • So cool
    Lee Seon Woong (Which is Tablo’s real Korean name)

    Jo Seung Woo + Kang Hye Jung couple. Looking at both of them I’m feeling happiness in me as well. Envy. Forever for a long long time! (T//N before Tablo got married , kang hyejung was in a serious relationship with Jo Seung Woo)
  • In the past, when Tablo is on Mnet Wide Performing Arts News(Program), he asks “aren’t dolphins…meat?”

    …..Blo nim..they’re mammals……

  • Kim Gura once asked Tablo on Radio Star, “Are you alright with your wife having bed scenes? Won’t you be angry?”

    BLO:”Its alright.. But i wont be ‘WOW” that happy.”

  • One time Tablo said on his radio show, saying that if Mithra’s head bursts open, there will be fried chicken, sheep intestines, fried chicken soup, etc. Whereas if Tablo’s head bursts open, there will be a woman walking out – wearing a rabbit ear headband, wearing a Bugs Bunny clothing, with a tail dangling.
  • posts from below are translated by epikcharaa @ icaruswalks
    The song “11월1일” (November 1st) in Epik High’s 2nd album High Society is a tribute to Yoo Jae Ha and Kim Hyun Sik since that date happened to be their death anniversary. Tablo was a crazy fan over them.
  • When Nell’s Kim Jong Wan was eating with Tablo, he would always say that there’s something stuck on Tablo’s chin, and help him to wipe it off, just to realize that that was a mole.
  • Tablo: There will always be people with that illusion that they have bought us after buying our album at 10,000 won. Buying our album obviously does not equate to buying us; I am not just worth 10,000 won.
  • There was this instance when Tablo was blocking the stage when TVXQ was performing. TVXQ’s fans told Tablo that they couldn’t see etc., and Tablo was upset as he had already moved aside. Mithra replied that at least people knew Tablo’s name, and Tukutz added that people probably didn’t even know of his own existence.
  • Tablo is a mega fan of Seo Tai-Ji.
  • DJ Tukutz once mentioned on Dreaming Radio that he resembled a Tibetan fox.
  • During the TaJinYo period when Tablo was in despair, Bong Tae Gyu who was always by his side told him that he needed to take legal action. After which, Bong introduced Tablo to a lawyer and vouched for Tablo’s identity.
  • There was this instance when Blo and Tukutz were involved in a traffic accident. Blo was kind of in shock, just to find Tukutz giving him a hug and picking up the phone to call the manager. Tukutz’s steadiness in such situations
  • During Blo’s tough days, Hye Jung always stood by his side to give him strength. When those days were kind of over, Blo hugged Hye Jung and teared, “It’s tough on you all these while.”
  • During Dreaming Radio, Tablo claimed that he was 172cm in height. The author did not believe him, just to have Tablo standing up suddenly to compare his height with him. And the author exclaimed, “Oh! That’s taller than what I had imagined…” Kekeke.
  • Tablo and Kim Jong Wan are crazy mega fans for Gejang (a type of crab dish). Tablo: “If anyone would like to send me gifts, I will welcome Gejang anytime.”
  • When Epik High were radio DJs, they gave Younha who was the guest an allowance of 10,000won. In return, she gave her signature.
  • One of the fans mentioned that his/her mother, who was in the wedding industry, had helped DJ Tukutz prepare for his wedding, including matching his wedding suits. According to this fan’s mother, Tukutz complimented his bride on her beauty and he saw her in the wedding gown. And… the Tablo couple was a tad loud at the wedding venue.
  • There was once when Tablo accidentally added too much sesame oil into his bibimbap, till it was a bit like porridge. He had originally intended to discard that, but his father mentioned, “Is food meant to be thrown away?” In the end, Tablo finished eating that bibimbap.
  • One of the fans took away the pen that Tukutz was holding onto, and he exclaimed, “That pen is mine, and you are also my fan.”*Note: pen and fan share similar pronunciation.
  •  During one of the Dreaming Radio sessions when Epik High were the guests, there was a fan that called in and praised Mithra, citing him as her ideal and wanting to marry him. Then, Tablo asked, if given a chance, would she date Mithra over the phone for a minute or rather get 100,000 won worth of shopping vouchers immediately. The fan hesitated and replied that getting married to Mithra didn’t seem that realistic afterall and apologized to him before hanging up. And Mithra had to wrap it up by “I knew it!”
  •  In the early days of Epik High, when CB Mass member allegedly embezzled their funds, it was said that Tablo did not speak much about it to the other members in fear of them getting hurt. It was only later when he realized Tukutz and Mithra already knew about it, and everyone was just saying white lies to keep it going.
  • When asked to pick one among the three from Epik High, Younha revealed that Tukutz was her ideal type.
  • There was a guy and girl rapping into the microphones alongside each other, and Blo exclaimed, “Date each other! Obviously in love!”
  • During the making of YG’s 15th anniversary concert, Daesung chose Tablo as the best act during an interview, only to have Tablo quickly praising him.
  • Kang PD chose “You Don’t Deserve It”, and upon broadcasting it, Tablo commented, “What song is this?”
  • Tablo had once sung the wrong lyrics in a radio performance of Let It Rain. Instead of “your name flashes on my phone”, it became “In winter, your scarf appears.” Because of this, Nell’s Kim Jong Wan has teased Blo for a couple of years, and every time that happens, Blo reacts with “you watch yourself first”.
  • According to Tukutz, the role distribution during Map The Soul’s operations then was:Tukutz: Decision maker

    MYK: Musician

    Mithra: Artist

    Tablo: Misc.

  • Mithra and Kim Hee Chul are close same-age friends
  • Qn:      Are you happy with the performance of the 6th album (e)?Tablo: While there are songs that we are satisfied with, but if we had known, we would not have put them into 2 discs. I want to produce an album that is rich and full in substance, even if there aren’t many songs.
  • Tablo got drunk within 30 minutes into a Dreaming Radio gathering, and ended up conversing with a Lee Hyori poster on the wall, together with Sweet Sorrow’s Kim Young-woo
  • Blo told Tukutz, “We’ll record you for this portion” and Tukutz rejected saying that people would dislike if his voice was added. And the song that we are talking about here is Girl Rock.
  • Qn:      Do you like people to praise your songs or your cool appearance?Tablo: My songs which are cool
  • <During a segment for Dreaming Radio when Tukutz has to answer Tablo’s questions within 3 seconds>Tablo:                         “When’s your last kiss?”

    Tukutz:           “2 months ago”

    Tablo:             “… ?! You don’t have a girlfriend then!!!!”

    Tukutz:           “Well… you don’t have to be dating someone right?”

  • Qn:      What should I do if someone despises something that I do best in?Blo:     I think that’s the best evidence of you doing well.
  • During an appearance on “The Knee-Drop Guru”, Tablo explained that he was a conspiracy theorist, while Tukutz was just being suspicious and skeptical.
  • Mithra: “Not sure since when I’ve become Epik High’s Choiza in reports. Am I in Dynamic Duo?” [previously articles couldn’t tell the difference between Choiza and Mithra and often posted pics of Choiza, labelling him as Mithra]
  • The title of Tablo’s first novel “Pieces of You” was ameded by the audience of Dreaming Radio.
  • Blo:     It’s been long since I see you and Tukutz playing so happily together. So awesome.Mithra: ??? Who?

    Blo:     Your band leader.

    (P.S. It’s been said that Mithra and Tukutz still get awkward with each other when they are together despite knowing each other for over ten years.”

  • Tablo used 11 seconds to answer a difficult question. To which, Tukutz expressed wonder.

    Blo: “Who wouldn’t know the answer to questions of such standards?”


  • Qn:      For the Lesson series, why are Lesson 1 and Lesson 4 solos, and Lesson 2 and 3 done as a group?Tablo: I have already written Lesson 1 before meeting Mithra. As for Lesson 4, Mithra was not interested in the theme.
  • Tukutz: Actually milk is very beneficial to the body. If you drink a glass of milk daily, your skin will become supple and fair. You will not have constipation. The S line will be obvious. And most importantly, it can help get rid of depression, and your personality becomes better. Ah, now where do I find a girl that likes milk? . [ Tukutz ended up marrying Ui, and they have a dog named Milk now]
  • Epik High packaged the High Skool T-shirts that were sold during the Map The Soul era themselves. Some found strange hair that resembled Mithra’s facial hair in the packaging.
  • Tukutz: When the 3 of us are around, the first person Haru will approach is Mithra. Haru likes to share snacks with me.


    Sketchbook Assignments

    Submitted by: Amanda Linn,
    Harmony Grove High School


    [ Sketchbook ideas K- 8 | Sketchbook Advocacy | Sketchbook Labels ]
    Lesson Plans: Make a Sketchbook (6-12) | Sketch book Choices and Ideas | H.S. Sketchbook Ideas


    From Amanda Linn: I thought these might be useful to others. I am sometimes stumped for meaningful sketchbook ideas. Many of these are ideas I have "sponged" and modified from other people. Others were designed to prepare my students for specific art experiences we will have in the future or to support themes and ideas we are exploring.


    · Select an above or below point of view in a specific area (your room, kitchen, bathroom, outside, in a car, etc. Complete this drawing paying attention to details. You may complete the drawing in pencil, colored pencil, pen, etc.

    · Choose a portion of a magazine or newspaper picture. Glue that picture on a page in your sketchbook. Create a drawing that incorporates that picture into a story. You may use more than one magazine or newspaper image BUT the artwork should be made mainly from your added drawings. This artwork should span 2 pages. You may use color or shading. OR you could use a color scheme (monochromatic, etc.)


    · Choose an enclosed space- a kitchen cabinet, a television, an oven, a refrigerator, in a drawer or closet. What human qualities do the objects in the enclosed space assume when no one is watching? Do the mustard bottles dance? Do the socks play cards? This can be one page with details…be sure and show the interior of the space as well as the objects.


    · Over 2 pages show the gradual transformation of a pair of scissors into another object- example: scissors into a shark- DON"T USE THIS EXAMPLE- it was my idea. Details are needed in the drawing- color is optional.

    · If you got a holiday card from one of these artists what would it look like?

    • Pablo Picasso

    • Berthe Morisot

    • Salvador Dali

    • Georgia O’Keefe

    • Vincent Van Gogh

    • Frida Kahlo

    · Arrange three related objects (3 kitchen items, 3 shoes, sports equipment, etc.) into a composition. Draw on one page using a light source and shading

    · Create an image using only found images (from magazines, newspapers, worksheets, etc.) The image should communicate a message or tell a story

    · Practice drawing anything from observation- the most common things are good practice

    · Look at yourself in a spoon- draw the distorted image

    · What happens when a 6-foot tall squirrel shows up in your yard?

    · Identify an object that relates to your identity. Create an artwork that uses the image of that object (or the actual object) as the SINGLE FOCUS of the artwork. Open media.

    · Fill in the blank… "I am a _________ in this world." Use the text of the completed sentence to inform the artwork. Open Media. This should be a 2 page spread

    · Answer these questions with an image:

    At age six I was ________

    At age twelve I was _______

    Now I am ________

    At age 25 I will be ______

    At age 75 I will be ______

    Arrange these images in a composition that communicates your identity. Open media. Should span at least 4 pages in some order that communicates the answers to the questions.

    · Illustrate a dream you have had using only 5 symbols (single images that communicate ideas) This may take one or two pages. You may use color or black and white to complete the image.  Consider what you know about composition, emphasis, etc. as you build the images.

    · Make a detailed drawing of your hand holding something related to the fall season OR related to school. Make the drawing large enough that it touches all the edges of the page. You may add color or use shading

    · Your choice- create a one or two page drawing that demonstrates several of your strongest art skills. This is your chance to create your own assignment as many of you have requested,

    · What does the holiday season really mean to you? Your image can be abstract or realistic; you may choose the media. AVOID common images- meaning if you choose to show holiday gifts- SHOW THEM IN A CREATIVE WAY! I

    · Create a design using elements from magazine or newspaper images. Cut and paste the images onto the page in your sketchbook to create the design.

    · Practice observational drawing skills by drawing from the following list:

    • Shoes

    • Corner of a room in your house

    • Create an arrangement of objects, use a lamp or other light to make dramatic shadows,

    • Your pet

    • Creative views of your car, bicycle, skateboard, etc.

    • Make the image reach all the way to the edges of the page. Demonstrate what you know about point of view, emphasis, composition, positive and negative space, etc.

    · Practice drawing from your imagination by drawing from the following list:

    • What would you see if you grew wings and flew over our town?

    • What if your big toe became its own person?

    • What if you suddenly became very very small?

    Advanced Placement Sketchbook Ideas

    Submitted by Robert Teslow:

    Appropriate an image from magazine/newspaper/web-image that illustrates/demonstrates an unusual point of view of common objects, space/place, architecture, or group of things/people, other.

    Draw a same size line drawing from your image.

    Draw an enlarged scale version based on your same size line drawing (don’t be concerned about some changes in image… current drawing compared to a previous one).

    Use oil pastels to enhance enlarged line drawing. Select among the following color relationships to be a guide to using color for expression and emphasis.

    • Warm hues with cool accents

    • Cool hues with warm accents

    • Monochromatic

    • Complimentary

    • Analogous

    Submitted by Heidi Praff:

    Homework assignment: Shadows as Connectors

    This assignment will also be done in your sketchbook.

    You may draw from a HIGH CONTRAST photos, or from direct observation, harshly lit.

    DO NOT use any magazine photos of models, which are meant mainly to showcase makeup.

    Draw the face, at least twice, summarizing it into shapes of shadows and light.

    Observe and record how the shadows connect features.

    Media: Your choice of Graphite Sticks, Oil Pastels, Charcoal, or any media you feel will give you the high contrast you are seeking.

    At least 2 faces. If it is your own, you can just change pose or lighting.

    Date all entries.


    Homework Assignment - #3 The Eye:

    This assignment is to be done in your sketchbook.

    It involves drawing your eye twice in two very different ways. Both are from direct observation, though.


    Please read the directions carefully. As always, date your entries.

    1. Make a DETAILED drawing of your eye and the area around it. Include everything you see when observing closely in clear, even lighting.

    2. For the second drawing, make a drawing in HARSH lighting, showing the shapes of the shadows only. SUMMARIZE, don’t itemize. This drawing will not contain detail, but will accurately represent the shapes of light and shadow on and around your eye area.

    Submitted by Ken Schwab:

    Sketchbook for A.P. Art #1

    You will be keeping a sketchbook for the entire year. This sketchbook will be a series of drawings and mixed media pieces that you will use for your portfolio. Each one should be considered a complete art piece. This means that composition and principles of good design can and should be utilized.

    These are the sketchbook requirements for your first grading period. They can be in any media unless specifically designated. These 4 drawings will be due in 6 weeks and will be given 80 points, (20 for each one)

    1. Draw a portrait using light and shadow. In order to achieve strong gradations and a sense of form, place a light from different angles than normal. These can be under the chin, behind the head or from the top. This can be in graphite pencil or colored pencil.

    2. Study your feet and shoes. Create a strong thick and thin contour drawing of your shoes drawing from different angles. Include more than one drawing on the same page over lapping and filling the format. Pen or pencil

    3. Draw a place around the outside of your home. This can be a plant, part of the building or objects on the porch. Use ink and watercolor to create a strong contrast between the color and the ink. Crosshatching as a style is suggested but not required.

    4. Draw bottles and cans. Have them crunched up for details in the reflections and folds of the metal. Include lots of detail and only show a small area instead of the whole can or cans. If it is a bottle, find an area that shows off the reflections and surface quality of the bottle.

    5. Create a series of positive and negative space designs. On your desk at home stack a few objects into a pile. With a light shinning from the back look at the space that is white (light) and draw the shapes as a contour line shape. Use black paint or ink to fill in the spaces as a flat shape. The silhouette of the object should still be seen but new shapes created.

    6. Draw a piece of furniture in your house. This can be in color or black and white. Sit in an area and observe the lines and shapes of the piece. Create a format around your observed area and look for textures, gradations, wood grain or interesting shapes and make a detailed study.


    Submitted by Ken Schwab

    Sketchbook for A.P. Art #2

    This is the second round of sketchbook assignments. Choose 4 of these to use and have them completed before the next grading period. Remember to use good drawing skills and composition.

    1. Pop some popcorn. Take a few kernels and look at the shapes and shades created. With pencil and smudge shading, study a few of the kernels and fill the page with them. This drawing should show a good sense of drawing skill and soft grays with a Tortillons or some blending device.

    2. Draw or design a vehicle. This can be a car, spaceship, airplane, boat, motorcycle, bicycle or anything you want. Include details and make it big! Any media

    3. Draw yourself using a strong light source on one side of your face. Use a mirror and try to have some expression. Focus on the strong shadows created by the light. Use pastel for blocking in large areas with a lesser amount of detail.

    4. Using color (Cray-Pas) create an Impressionist Landscape drawing. Use Van Gogh, Manet, Seurat, Pissaro, Sisley, or Cezanne as your guide. Use the internet and look up these artists to observe their work. Find a landscape on the net as well and draw it as a n Impressionist.

    5. Draw a series of animals in motion. Such as a cheetah running, a rabbit hopping, a bird flying. This can be in any media and you can use just three views or images in a row.

    6. Divide the page into three areas with a ruler. Create a very involved contour drawing with pen of a small object of your choice and put it in one of the areas going outside the shape.  Next, in another area, draw the same object with pencil using good shading and proper proportion. For the last area, distort or abstract (like in cubism) the same object using three values or colors.


    Submitted by Nicole Brisco

    Ideas for the first day to engage creativity in any advanced class. I begin in Art 2.

    1. Once I hand out Sketchbooks (or have students bring or make them) I have the students prepare the pages in a variety of creative ways, like paint washes on the pages, collaging, writing, cutting holes in some of the pages, creating patterns. This is just to alter the pages before we begin any sketchbook assignments/observational drawing... I know some people alter books and that is a great way also but I like the idea of the kids taking ownership of their sketchbook as a process oriented tool for thumb-nailing, drawing, doodling, writing, documenting, etc. It is a good first day activity especially if you give them a list that is open to interpretation, this challenges them to use their time wisely, be creative, use good craftsmanship, and follow directions. It is also a no pressure assignment that allows the kids to get to know each other. What I like about this is that it removes the white pages from the book and allows students to be more expressive with the drawings on the pages. It also make the sketchbook less intimidating and helps students to understand that every page does not need to be perfect and is more about learning and exploration. We look the sketchbooks of Wayne Jiang at http://www.waynejiang.com /sketchbooks/index.html


    2. Another good idea is to print out a variety of sketchbook assignments on address labels and give them to the students. I have printed 30 different assignments on one page of sticker labels and printed one (each student receives the same problems) for each student, there is some initial cost for the labels but you will not have to give out another assignment sheet for the rest of the year. I created open ideas that instill good observational, creative, and compositional skills. Give each student the same printed page and they can chose what problem to tackle for their sketchbook for the week and stick the one they selected to the back of the page, or you can have them stick them to the prepared pages and they would be forced to move through the sketchbook in an unordered way. This gives the student options and allows them ownership in what they draw each week depending on their mood... but also keeps them focused on the skills they need to work on during the year. I have them staple the label page to the back of their sketchbook so that they do not lose it. I saw this idea and loved it and decided to adapt it to my art 2 and 3 classes and what kid does not like stickers?....even high school kids have a fascination. See list of ideas.


    Here is a sample label file created by Gloria Rabinowitz


    Suggestions from Ruth Wilson
    • Draw a pile of shoes
    • looking from an interior space to an exterior space (IE: a doorway)
    • a figure drawn in an unusual perspective
    • still life objects
    • reflective objects
    • self portraits with expression or mood
    • pasting a piece of a magazine on paper and then drawing outward
    • morphs
    • painting or drawing in an artists style
    • distorted reflections
    • action
    • anatomy
    • shaded 3D forms showing strong contrast
    • architectural drawing
    • art history prints & Design elements
    • draw on Mylar over an art history print with graphite to show the shapes, then another sheet of Mylar the directional lines, then the 3-5 local colors, and shading values

    Suggestions from Donna Rodeghiero

    A grouping of seashells
    A single flower with all its leaves, etc.
    A cluttered place close-up
    A pile of dishes sitting on the sink
    Your favorite food with the wrapper included, and product showing
    A close up set of 3-5 pieces of popped popcorn
    A close up of the various pieces from a game, the board, box, etc.
    A set of keys and a couple other items from your pocket or purse
    Your shoes or sandals (off your feet)
    Your sunglasses and what they reflect
    Your digital camera with the last image showing
    Your computer from an angle you do not usually view it, cords and all
    A view out a window of your choice (with motion or still) showing inside and out
    A shiny Christmas ornament and the view it reflects
    A magnifying glass and what it is magnifying as well as the space around it that is unmagnified
    A grouping of photographs of you, your family or friends in collage form
    Your school books positioned in an interesting manner
    A single object of choice drawn from several views with significantly different light sources in each view
    Something you view from a prone position looking up at whatever it is
    Your pet or favorite object from 3 distinctly different views

    Suggestions from Patty Knott

    I like to give words or phrases for idea spawning. I don't grade sketchbooks. I believe they are personal places of exploration for not only practice but journaling and questioning and sometimes, even doodling, but especially creative thinking. I just always hope they will discover mixed meanings, irony, metaphor, and symbolism.... just how to get ideas. This summer I am going through 5 years worth of art , fine crafts and photo magazines that I subscribe to, and I am listing word, phrases, titles, media and techniques that catch my eye. I like to have the kids make arbitrary picks from the list ( pull from a hat, a spin wheel, etc.) and take a day a week that they do the sketchbook exploration without the pressure of projects and grades.

    Here are just a few of words and phrases I am currently compiling: (I always have them mind map and web all the possibilities for all the words)

    Conflict of interests
    More than meets the Eye (I)
    Me, myself, and I (eye)
    Nightmares/Other worlds
    Food .. You are what you eat (still, after 36 years, my most
    biggest art challenge was the RISD portfolio requirement - Draw your
    family at breakfast. )
    Lonely -- L (one) ly inspired by the e.e.cummings poem "1(a"
    The seasons
    The End
    I get around
    Home is where...
    All that glitters...
    Pretty -- as a picture
    Layer it on
    So transparent
    A touch of __________?
    Messing around
    Over the edge (this one led to a student doing his concentration on Robert DeNiro film roles)
    The senses
    It's my nature
    Take cover
    It's not easy being green
    Color outside the lines
    Hot and cold
    Lemon Yellow
    Black and White & red all over (so glad a student made red - read)
    Forest floor.

    A sketchbook should be a fun place, not a chore or another "have- to." If I judge and grade the sketchbook, then where do they go to make free ideas? If we all had i-pods and camera phones, I would include those too.

    Suggestions from John Steiner

    Where is Waldo? Students take one sketchbook page and fill it in with miniature drawings of everything that relates them and their lives… gum, braces, football jersey, soccer and footballs… etc and endless… the page must be filled, no blank space and all items are reduced to the same or nearly same size… could a 2D as well as drawing assignment... teachers complained that my students were drawing in their class!
    They were fabulous!

    Draw a chess set set-up and partially played - do the same with other board games- use your favorite game from childhood.

    Take a page from the notebook for another class and draw over the notes

    Draw on white Mat board, cover with several layers of gloss medium, cover this with oil paint- release the drawn image, the paint and the medium.

    Landscapes with and without man-made structures.

    Draw buildings and man-made structures with character- bridges- the interior of old churches or old theaters.

    Fill bottles with colored water and use in a still-life.

    Fill plastic bags with objects and draw - draw bags of candy or marshmallows.

    Play the Password Game.  Divide the class into groups of five or six. Use one painting each group comes up with five descriptive words from the same work of art. The students share their words with the class and everyone must then take all the words and write a piece of poetry. The poetry must use all the words, words that are repeated must be used as often as they are repeated. Students then illustrate their poetry.

    Draw small architectural, mechanical things tiny may be very small drawings only 3 or 4 inches

    Contour drawings of insects like a bug collection... (or dead flies off the window sill)

    The skeleton of a small animal or bird really small or really big.

    Tape a pencil or marker to a yardstick or long dowel; use this to draw on papers attached to a large wall.

    Every night for I week draw the same object in a different media on neutral ground paper

    Botanical drawings especially pine or spruce twigs w/pinecones.

    Wash drawings from real life

    Wash drawings taken from paintings, esp. of groups of people

    Use a slinky or tubes to demonstrate circles and ellipses in perspective

    Five views of the same object or objects.

    Rather than just drawing hands, draw the same hand rotating and changing with each view...

    Draw on objects or surfaces not usually used to draw on... these may be primed with tempera paint.

    Stretch an old pair of jeans or flannel shirt. Prime with tempera if necessary, use this as a drawing surface for chunk charcoal or graphite sticks.

    Stain plaster with tea, coffee or other natural materials... let "dirty" snow balls melt on drawing papers... draw or 2D over the dried color

    Use a small picture frame, 8 x 10" (20 x 25.5 cm) or 10 x 14" (25.5 x 35.5 cm), stretch dampened paper by gluing the edges with Elmer's Glue; it will shrink and tighten when dried. Use this as a drawing or 2D design surface. The surface is "soft" and will not allow much pressure and for sure no erasing!


    [ Sketchbook ideas K- 8 | Sketchbook Advocacy | Sketchbook Labels ]
    Lesson Plans: Make a Sketchbook (6-12) | Sketch book Choices and Ideas | H.S. Sketchbook Ideas

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